Selected Works and Short Films

Witchypoo (2019)
Directed by Amelia Boscov Assistant Directed, Edited & Colored by Cole Bannick A lovesick witch uses a spell to make her hunky male crush fall in love with her, but things get complicated when her spell makes Amanda appear.
American Vice (2019)
(Please Request Password for Viewing) Directed by Emma Gobillot Sound Mixing & Design by Cole Bannick It all started with embezzling from her school under the guidance of vice principal Ellen Boone. Over time, their takes got bigger and their Thelma-and-Louise partnership blossomed into a Bonnie-and-Clyde affair. But when the new principal looks into the school’s messy finances, it forces the their hand. Will Kelly stay in her simple, suburban life with her husband Scott or pursue an exotic life on the lam with Ellen?
*Official Selection, Finalist* - Los Angeles Film Awards
"Something Bigger" - Half-Hour Pilot (2019)
(Please Request Password for Viewing) Created by Jack Kennedy Directed by Chris Sansavera Edited by Cole Bannick Stuck in his small town, Colby Walton is beginning to figure out just how much the universe has in store for him.
"Sweet Honey Overdrive" Webseries (2019)
Created by Emily Austin Executive Producer Cole Bannick Stuck behind the desk of a music studio, Kim spends her days thinking up band names, learning to play chords. Molly, on the other hand, after being bailed on by her bandmates for the final time, can't wait to be rid of them. It's the 90's... anything can happen.
*Semi-Finalist* - Couch Film Festival
*Best Web & New Media, Best Sound Mixing Nominee* - Indie Short Fest
"Queen's English" Webseries (2019)
Created & Written by Tyler Dwiggins Executive Producer Chris Morrissey & Tyler Dwiggins Associate Producer Melina Nakos & Cole Bannick Various by Cole Bannick Just some messy queens trying to make it through adulthood in one piece—with some money left over for Sunday mimosas: Gabe, a wayward twink whose Catholic boyfriend just dumped him for Jesus; Tucker, who definitely just locked himself out of the apartment—in full drag; and Olivia, an actress who will probably become a star just after she cleans the ketchup off her shoes.
*Best LGBT Short & Innovative Webseries* - Two Roads International Film Festival
*Official Selection* - Big Apple Film Festival
A Play for Us (post)
Coming Soon Written, Directed & Edited by Cole Bannick Parker is a quiet thespian, Will is the outgoing life-of-the-party type. When their paths cross at the auditions for their school's Spring Musical, Parker's growing infatuation with, and inability to communicate how he feels to Will leads to his search for the right words in the plays he adores.
never let me go (post)
Written & Directed by Cole Bannick Produced by Jori Johnson Months after Wren has broken up with Arthur, the memories of their time together haunt him, reminding him of what he left behind, and what he desperately wishes he could have back.
"Our Little Girl" Webseries (2018)
Created by Amanda Rose Executive Producer Ali Golub Edited by Cole Bannick Donna and Carol are excited to meet their new daughter, but plans change when their seven year old girl turns out to be seventeen instead.
Buskin' (2018)
Directed by Danny Roberts Cinematography by Cole Bannick The perfect 'first date' between two strangers ends up being too good to be true.
The Crawl (2017)
Dir. Geoffey S. Glenn Production Sound & Design by Cole Bannick After having a fight with his best friend, Kaiya, Seth goes on a bar crawl alone, inexperienced, and upset.
If I Go West (2017)
Directed by Geoffrey S. Glenn Production Sound by Cole Bannick An essay film exploring the idea of trying to find that bittersweet line of facing death, but choosing to look at life instead.
Caleb the Butterfly (2016)
Directed, Written and Edited by Cole Bannick A father's bedtime story to his young son becomes more than your typical bedtime story.
Weirdo (2015)
Directed by Melina Nakos Edited by Cole Bannick A boy must overcome his shyness and insecurity in order to make a friend.
HOME (2015)
Directed, Written, Shot & Edited by Cole Bannick A teenage boy struggles to find his sense of home when his world seems to have completely fallen apart.
*Official Selection* - TX Independent Film Fest
*Best Student LGBT Short* - Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival
Interim (2015)
Directed by Melina Nakos Edited by Cole Bannick A dancer must go back in time and address a previous relationship with her instructor in order to move forward in her career.
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